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Cedric allows your Java applications to use the built-in performance counter framework of the Microsoft Windows platform.

Many server applications use the performance counter framework to expose statistics about their operations, allowing administrators the ability to peer into the inner workings of the application.

Now your Java applications can take advantage of this framework and integrate tightly with the operating system platform and performance monitoring tools that use the framework. Microsoft Windows ships with a tool called Perfmon that provides graphical visualizations of counters selected by the administrator.

The Cedric package consists of a Java jar file containing the native Java API that is called by your application and two Dynamic Link Libraries that provide the hooks into the operating system.

Multiple Java applications may use the package on the same system and each can define their own set of counters. Counters are defined in an XML configuration file.

Cedric is supported on the following platforms:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Microsoft Windows XP Pro 64bit (AMD only)
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64bit (AMD only)
Microsoft Windows Server 2000
Microsoft Windows 2000

Cedric Lite Edition, which allows a single counter may be found on the download page. Lite Edition may be used to evaluate this software.

Cedric the Performer is currently available, please email for licensing details and pricing.



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